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Emergency Call Tree | RMS Manila

No description

Marissa Cruz

on 9 February 2014

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Transcript of Emergency Call Tree | RMS Manila

What to Tell
Emergency Call Tree | RMS Manila
What is a
What Do We Need?
What's the Process?
To assimilate and deploy Business Continuity Plan to RMS
Be aware of the Call Tree Procedure
18 December 2013
Customer Workstream
A telephone procedure which can be used to notify staff of an emergency
Sense of Urgency
Domain Lead
To determine if Call Tree activation is necessary
Will cascade message to managers
Cascade message to the respective groups
Every member needs to acknowledge and pass on the message to another team member until the manager gets the message back
Standard Notification
Hi. This is
<state your name>
with an emergency message from
<person who informed>
<state the situation - ef: Some Areas in Manila are impassable due to non-stop heavy rain. If you are still at home, do not report at work until the all-clear is given>.
Sample Acknowledgement Message
Hi. This is
<state your name>
. Thank you for checking. My family and I are fine. I will check the status of
<state the name of the next person and pass the standard notification to him/her>.
Who you gonna' call?
Thank you!
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