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community way

A schematic aimed at explaining the community way system.

Pieter Vorster

on 25 April 2017

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Transcript of community way

Support local community service organisations
Support local business
Engage, Encourage & Fund the community
Get the community back to working for the community Businesses Community Service
Organisations People community way Open Money Open money is a means of exchange freely available to all. $ Project Watershed $14,000 $10,000 Spend Exchange Fundraising cw$ allows people/business to
our work without burdening them ~$8,000 ~$2,000 matching funds
charitable tax receipts logo
food for events
volunteer apprciation
reimbursing people
wages cw$ allows me to
the who support us value support TIP of the DAY ask less time than grant applications
more $$ than events events
exchange jar at your office - __________________ $4,000 people BTO = $1,000 financially Buy Spend Give Donate Spend Exchange cw$1000 per employee
cw$100 registration
pick a group or groups to support What do YOU value? Problems climate change pollution deforestation income disparity habitat destruction population growth water shortages food security = Natural Capital
Quality of Life
Ability for planet to support life Change occupy movement transition towns enviromental movement What do we ? value why ? Mcdonalds vs Halsted Farm more sustianable practices
job satisfaction
increase food security
accountable Alternative Currencies marketing/advertising
at other businesses
staff rewards
salary top ups to your support base Support your community without draining your capital Support your people and other local businesses Too much community way ? Donate
Bring your account back to zero be generous enjoy quality of life support local take the plunge
make some change Earn try new local businesses
ask cw$ is easy to earn
start a business
sell some stuff be productive/
employed no sense in long term saving or hoarding
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