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Copy of 3-D Furniture Lesson

Kenmore West High School 3-D Design Lesson Plan

Mike Murray

on 11 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of 3-D Furniture Lesson

Recycled Furniture Design Do you ever get sick of people telling you to recycle? Well-known furniture designers prove recycling can be a lot more interesting than stuffing cans, bottles and cardboard into their proper containers. A ‘bathtub couch’ and ‘shopping cart chair’ may not be your cup of tea but there is something for everyone out there. Who knows, you might even be inspired to find new uses for old stuff around the house, your neighborhood or anywhere else yourself searching once you see some of these bizarre recycled furniture designs. Be thinking about:

Overall neatness/craftsmanship.
(Is your work clean and neatly presented?)

Did you use only recycled items?
(With the exception of the adhesives that are holding items together.)

Did you choose a unique use of the materials?

Is your work an original idea?

List of material options to be thinking about:

Bottle Caps
Aluminum Cans
Wine Corks
Key Rings
Skate Decks
Wood Scraps
Old Clothes/Rags List of furtniture options to be thinking about:

Book Cases
Garbage Cans
Drawers Mosaic Pattern Ideas... http://www.flickr.com/photos/cre8tivegang/3385143562/ ...and more. Recycled Furniture Project Proposal Packet -At least (2) different views of what you would like your piece of recycled furniture to look like.

-A list of recycled (or in some cases, non- recycled) materials that you are planning to use.

-A brief statement discussing what your plan of action is in order to start building your piece of furniture. (i.e. "I am planning on designing a small desk lamp out of cardboard. I would really like my desk lamp to have an Oceanside theme and I plan on using a bunch of seashells that I collected on vacation to decorate the lampshade etc." Due Date: Monday April, 23rd!!!
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