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Lush C; By Natasha Friend ^.^

No description

joanna sandoval

on 24 September 2012

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Transcript of Lush C; By Natasha Friend ^.^

Natasha Friend Lush The setting of the book Lush by Natasha friend is at Sam's house the library and at her Dad's refuge. There are two main character in the book Lush .Samantha is one of them , she is the one that will never give up on her dad .
The Next Major/Main Character is Her Dad , The Only That never stops drinking , also the one that causes all the problems The Genre of this book is Realistic Fiction , because
there are familys that are going through the same thing about there father , and trying to not give up on them . Middle - Samantha sleeps over at friends ,
still trying to solve her problems , has a harder life . Beginning - Samantha Introduces her self in to her problems at home , and tries to communicate them with the family . End - I haven't finished the book , but if you want to read it?Why won't You Check it Out ?! (: Resolution - Have to find a way to make her dad quit drinking and make his Family Problems a better life , If you want to find out , what happens next ? Read the Book ;D Conflict - Having to deal with her dad , and his alcholic
Beverages and problems . Lush

By Natasha Friend
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