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No description

Jill Agonias

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Balance

Balance Balance is like a diet... Symmetrical Balance Visual weight of design elements evenly divided Asymmetrical
Balance Visual weight of design elements are not evenly distributed in the central axis of the page Balance by Position Regulating the position of items in the design Balance by Color Combining:
- Bright and dark colors
- Complementary colors
- Analogous colors
- Contrasting colors
- Monochromatic Balance by Texture Complex/detailed textures, combined with flat/smooth areas can create balanced designs Balance by Value - Value refers to the relative lightness
or darkness of a certain area

- Small area of high value-will create a
balance when combined with a large
area with a low value By Jill Agonias & Katie Armstrong 'Balance' Overview - Symmetrical
- Asymmetrical
- Position
- Color
- Texture
- Value
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