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Vocabulary Ped/Pod = Foot

No description

C. Farrand

on 24 February 2013

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Transcript of Vocabulary Ped/Pod = Foot

root means "foot" Vocabulary: Ped/Pod centipede (n) tripod (noun) an insect having many legs the support at the foot or base of a statue pedestal (noun) care for the feet and toe nails pedicure (noun) an instrument used for measuring the distance one covers on foot pedometer (noun) a three-footed stand This centipede was on my wall! impediment (noun) an obstacle to one's feet, a hindrance pedal (noun) a foot lever pedestrian (noun) a foot traveller podiatrist (noun) one who treats disorders of the feet Hi, I'm a foot doctor! quadruped (noun) a four-footed animal
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