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Power of You 2013

Start-up lessons show that it is the power of you that makes a difference

Jacco vanderKooij

on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of Power of You 2013

YOU School of Hard Knocks What I learned from working 15 years in a Start-Up world And how it can help YOU let's arm you with Do we really want to rely on depending on programmed `drones' with clueless middle management sociopath-like leadership a company of the employees by the employees for the employees You 2.0 Start-ups hold The Key Egyptian Revolution Skype Case-study: Global Problem Solving We Need New Heroes Power of You! The task is not to see, what no-one has yet seen
but to think, what nobody has yet thought
about that which everybody sees Start-up is what YOU make of it Be Remarkable These are 'Yesterdays' Heroes Innovation Driven by a powerful IDEA Corporate Structure If a picture says more than a 1000 words Our deepest fear is not that we are Inqadequate - Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. Marianne Williamson Its a place that YOU get to create. Nancy Duarte Mother Earth was a messed up place to Accelerate GTM To Quit is an Option Experience is the name everyone gives to their mistakes Oscar Wilde Have the Passion, Knowledge and Start-up is what You make of it If needed only use VC* Money To go to market faster (after you made it work) Successful Failure If it is not working, quit, learn, move on. Power of You Passion, Knowledge & Communication Importance of a Plan! Its all about WHY you do it not what or how Importance of 2nd Degree Connections to help you Be Remarkable Work as a Team Perform as an Individual Importance of 2 Degree Connections In Summary Ten Key Take-Aways Make it Personal! Jacco.vanderKooij@gmail.com +1 408 341 9167 @IndoJacco My Contact Info www.futureofsalesisnow.com Start-Ups have given people a voice that can be heard across the world; Only use VC Money Have a plan even if it is a bad one Work as a Team Action Plan! "in any endavor action is the footprint of success" School of Hard Knocks What I learned from working 15 years in a Start-Up world Now watch this video And how it can help off the Edge JUMPING has a big penalty for failure some input to increase your chances corporate hierarchy To Help Clean-Up this World? Let this powerful video demonstrate to you how start-ups ARE changing the world . be able to communicate it! Turn it into a Successful Failure #3 #4 Perform as an Individual #5 #6 #9 #10 #1 #2 10 Lessons I Learned the Hard Way To help you build a succcesful start-up that makes the world a better place (and realize your hopes & dreams) Eindhoven Netherlands Let no one tell you diffeent The Future is not a place where you are going to go... Now its Your Turn Is the projector working? Shared with the students of Mobile Phone Google Maps Youtube Twitter Facebook As you watch, write down words that relate to start-ups ` nd Arthur Schopenhauer Its an mindset - Not a financial/incentive/corporate structure. time to move on You 1.0 DO IT! You already know Google Glass Simon Sinek
"Start with WHY" Its NOT about WHAT or HOW #8 SO Quiz: What comes to mind when you think about a Silicon Valley Start-up? #7 WHY! What comes to mind when you think about a start-up? Google Working in a garage Pizza Milionaire Hawaii shirts Advanced Products VC's Hard work, big payoff NOW What comes to mind when you think about a start-up? Excitement Energy Having fun Passion Be prepared Fear Unique Having control Taking calculated risks Jumping of a cliff NOW GO Questions?
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