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Victoria Ross

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Diversity

DIVERSITY Does it undermine the seriousness of the topic? On a piece of paper, write:

1. Your Name / Nicknames
2. Your Ethnic Background
3. Where were you born?
4. Which generation are you of your family in the U.S.?
5. One custom or tradition that your family practices
6. Pick 1 person anonymously and guess what their responses will be Industry Diversity - TV shows use diverse characters to enliven the plot

- Both address diversity topics within today's society

- Certain shows, such as South Park or Family Guy, often make jokes about diversity to 'lighten' the subject - Culture influences Design
- Blurring lines by designing unisex ensembles -Teams have players with different
ethnic and skill backgrounds
- Athletes use various training exercises To manage diversity, one must understand cultural differences that present themselves in the global market. Culture is “the total way of life of a people, composed of their learned and shared behavior patterns, values, norms, and material objects.”
–Everett Rogers CULTURE Queen's "A Night at the Opera" = Diverse record
Radiohead = Diverse sound of all albums
Beatles = Evolution of sound through albums Classifying Cultures - Cultures change over time
- There is no 'other'
- Everything is subjective Cultural Synergy - form relationships with different types of people
- build a diverse set of skills
- expand your awareness
- foster diversity
- do not presume or assume anything about anyone Diversity is more than demographics such as age or ethnicity, and includes different education levels, skills and abilities, and personal responsibilities, and even hair color. Collective Wisdom can help you adapt to a variety of situations EXAMPLE: Companies can address a wider target market when they have a diverse staff. They have exposure to more customer pools, and they have the workforce to help them target that audience. “You think the only people who are people
are people who look and think like you
but if you walk the footsteps of a stranger
you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew” STEREOTYPES
- Racial Profiling
- Gender Roles & Sexuality
- Age Differences
- Disabled/Handicapped To have true workplace diversity, leaders and managers need to know how to implement their programs while avoiding stereotypes such as: Office Netflix Clip
@ 15:35 Office Netflix Clip
@ 18:00 overcoming the barriers Language barriers can cause miscommunication between races, genders, and different
age groups, which in turn can hurt production for a business Cultural barriers can cause misunderstandings based on religion, beliefs motivations, and even day-to-day etiquette. To modify our attitudes and reduce stereotypes. prejudices, and biased perceptions we must practice Mindful

Openness to Different Viewpoints:
opinions and traditions vary Creation of New Categories:
find distinction in generalizations Welcoming New Information:
situational leadership and self awareness Dignity Integrity Inclusion are all important to overcome intrapersonal and interpersonal barriers Mindlessness scripted responses

making assumptions

joking with an insult Mindlessness behavior can make us susceptible to prejudice, stereotypes, and perceptual biases EVEN IF WE ARE NOT INTENDING IT TO BE SO we must be aware have you ever been in a situation where you felt judged for who you are? - Assumptions based on biased perception - Language Barriers
- Stereotypes and Profiling
- Generalizing Races

- Conforming to stereotypes Gaps age skills responsibilities gender religion education opinions TV & Film i.e. Scrubs, The Office
Movies Fashion Industry Sports Industry Performing & Fine Arts Industry stop @ 1:28 You chose how you interpret the world .
You chose what you put out for the world to see. However, there are many stereotypes when
it comes to sports.
How can we avoid making judgements of skill based on race? or gender? The Olympics from article about London Olympics " Of course, Latinos weren't the only ones who sought to find cultural connections with the Olympic athletes. Women, African Americans, Asian-Americans, and LGBT athletes served as role models as well. And with her black, Puerto Rican, Filipino, and Japanese heritage, gymnast Kyla Ross is just one of the many multiracial, multiethnic members of Team USA that serves as a role model for a growing multiracial, multiethnic reality that is America today." Kyla Ross Music Industry - There are many genres of music
- Culture influences music
~ have different instruments and scales
~ subject of the material
- Bands change up their sound to appeal
to the changing market With the Beatles, 1963 Sgt. Peppers, 1967 vs. " no offense " Food Industry - Imagine eating the same food every day - Diverse cultures have their own
"food palate" based on resources
- America's "melting pot" has
diversified our food since our founding "I'm feeling Mexican today" we have developed a unique habit of craving different types of food... Over 4500 restaurants in Chicago, representing: - Chinese - Spanish
- Korean - Greek
- Ukrainian - Irish
- Polish - Italian
- French - Ethiopian and many, many more cultures - Fine Artists use various mediums
and art forms to express ideas
- There are performing and fine artists in every country http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/diversity-in-art-llc.html It takes high levels of emotional intelligence for a community to handle diversity appropriately. All of us must be self aware, have a respect and tolerance for all, and avoid offensive behavior and stereotyping. Diversity is beyond meeting a company’s quota for a variety of employees.

Diversity means change, it means options and choices, it means difference. We must use our differences to bring us together, to find a common ground Though We Are Diverse We Are One Some words you may not think are offensive but are: - fag or dyke for Homosexual

- ghetto for Poor

- indian for Native American

- crippled for Handicapped or Impaired

- he/she for Transgender look back at your response for #6
for our activity.

Did you stereotype or profile? "that's gay"
"that's retarded"
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