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Finding new audiences

Syndication for BBC Radio

Sam Collier

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Finding new audiences

Common Themes... Feeds glorious feeds Linking up with MC&A Widgets & Badges EMP & iBroadcast Rolling out the Promo Plan What do we have now? What do we want? Session dates Album of the week Promo feed for each network Latest video & audio Checklist to go through when promoting a piece of content Solving old issues Session on our tools Stop duplication of effort How do we get our requirements picked up? Where are the timelines? More openness & clarity Podcast feeds Blog feeds /programmes feeds twitter music news Radio 1 latest videos Radio 1 promo feed New widgets Specialist genres Personality led Revamping older designs Chart Tighter tie in with marketing ideas Target Audience Going to gigs regularly Attend at least 1 festival per year
They wish they could go to the rest! They're looking for music news Watch performances on YouTube Visit band's official sites Use music streaming services Discussing music on social networks Additions to archives Location, location, location We know where are target audience are, so how do we exploit that? Flyers Bluetooth Foursquare, Gowalla... Posters/Screens at gigs Fans of Jarvis, Huey, Lauren & Guy Garvey Target Sites NME DiS Q Mojo MusicOMH Facebook Twitter Flickr Last.fm We7 Spotify Key music blogs An aquarium drunkard Stereogum My old kentucky blog gorilla vs bear brooklyn vegan You ain't no Picasso I guess I'm floating Obscure sound MySpace Popping the console Facebook UX We can't get enough of them To trial simple small reminder widgets for specialist genres
Target sites to include saga and tesco magazine sections, Amazon and last.fm
Scope out feeds requirements Proms & Opera are the major syndication themes
New proms widget
Target sites to include broadsheet sites, major venues and opera sites To continue focus on syndication internally to BBC News & Sport
5live to work towards inclusion in the News Syndication portal
To create feeds of latest stories across the site which can be filtered by news, sport & life Focus on internal syndication to BBC News & Sport
Look into requirements for inclusion of their content in the News Syndication Portal
Look into production process around syndication of content to IMDb
Syndication Exec to speak to YouTube on positioning in the /edu portal & iTunes RE: iTunes U
Target sites to include main broadsheet sites, National Trust, English Heritage, RSPB... Priorities are Bollywood, live events and Tier 1 shows including chart
Bollywood feed to be created
Central team to support any major syndication initiatives Syndication Plans Reach new audiences
Bring attention to niche content
Raising awareness Consultation Setting out recommendations Identifying big issues across A&Mi Volume & type of content
Target audience
Key areas
Tools available
Roadblocks What do we want? Your buy in
Work with you on feeds
Joint effort to push for improvements to EMP & iBroadcast
More, easier syndication Target the right audiences
Ensure content fits into the syndication criteria
Maximise key brands & events
Roll out genre & presenter widgets
Think carefully before setting up new 3rd party presences
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