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Priscilla and the wimps - STAND UP!!

No description

Natalie Irving

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of Priscilla and the wimps - STAND UP!!

Priscilla and the wimps. Narrative point of view. The main point of view in the narrator perspective is being told by a bystander (Someone who witnessed the problem) at the school. Setting and atmosphere Setting- The setting takes place at a school.
Atmosphere - the atmosphere at the school is depressing because Monk Klutter and his kobras like to pick on their peers and steal their money by making them pay to do anything. Also it is intimidating because the students probably feel like they have to listen to Monk Klutter and his gang. Summary The school is never safe when Monk Klutter and his cobras are around. Getting bullied, money stolen from and having to pay for hall passes made by Monk is a regular at this school. When one day someone decided to stand up for their friend who was being harassed by one of the kobra's in Monk klutter's gang. Central incident/conflict A boy named Monk Klutter and his friends referred to as "Klutter's Kobra's" harass and try to steal money from Melvin. Character portraits Priscilla Roseberry: Priscilla is a very shy and quiet girl. she is one of the largest students in the entire school and she is usually very lonely. she is kind but will not except or tolerate when bullies harass her good friend Melvin. She turns into a completely different person, a person you thought you would never see. Monk Klutter: Monk is a very rude, obnoxious person. He is very self centered. When Monk wants something he gets it and doesn't care how other people feel about it. He is the leader of the gang Klutter's kobras and he thinks he is also the leader of the school. Another name for Monk is the school bully. Melvin: Melvin is a small little kid at the school he is also one of Monk's victims. He is very quiet and doesn't like to stand up for himself. He is also a very good friend of Priscilla. Theme/Message Resolution of the conflict Priscilla , a large and generally quiet girl stands up for her friend Melvin by breaking the hold one of Klutter's kobra's has on Melvin's throat. She asks him to send his leader, Monk Klutter over to her. When he arrives she slams him into a locker to show that not everyone is scared of mighty Monk. STYLE In the story it is very easy to visualize.
The writer was very clear on explaining what was happening.
The text is written so it seems like the person is talking to you, which makes the text more interesting. Techniques surprise ending - Priscilla the shy quiet girl took a stand for her friend Melvin. Topic - The author used a topic that most teens can relate to. QUESTIONS 1. Will Priscilla receive a punishment for putting Monk in the locker? 2. Will Monk start to treat others better? 3. Will Monk and his Kobra's get in trouble for harassing others and stealing their money? credits Natalie - 45% of the work. Inna - 45% of the work Alex - 10% of the work James - 0% of the work THANKS FOR WATCHING !!! Theme: There are plenty themes in this story the main ones are Bullying, school and physical reality.

Message: The message in this story is you should always do what's right even if it is standing up to a bully or someone doing something wrong.
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