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Chemical Engineering

No description

Julia Sandquist

on 17 December 2013

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Transcript of Chemical Engineering

-Our job is to take science out of the lab and bring it into the real world to help others
- We focus on making developments in medicine, biotechnology, microelectronics, advanced materials, energy, consumer products, manufacturing, and environmental solutions

Excellent Pay
-Chemical engineers are among the most well-paid engineers. The average annual income as of May 2012 was $102,270
Job Variety
-One can work in a variety of fields including architecture, pharmaceuticals, product manufacturing, science and research
Work Environment
A chemical engineer usually spends much of the work day in a lab setting or office which may become boring
Travel to distant locations around the globe may drive people away as well
Slow Job Growth
Prediction of only a 6 percent increase in job growth for chemical engineering from 2010 to 2020 is well below average for all professions
Chemical Engineering: Why You Should Choose Us
The Basic Facts: What Do Chemical Engineers Do?
The Pros
The Cons
Salary: none

Potential for Advancement:
Although there are no real jobs at the high school level as a chemical engineer, many courses are helpful to take to prepare for chemical engineering training in college

High school's science and engineering clubs and activities are also helpful

Local high schools that offer these courses: Walpole High, Tri-county Vocational Tech School & most other public high schools in Massachusetts
High School Level
Technical School
Bachelor's Degree
-Salary: none
- Technical schools offer a variety of chemical engineering courses & this next level of education has courses that are more specified in chemical engineering
- Potential for Advancement: a bachelor's degree is required to be a chemical engineer, but while in a 2 year technical school, employers like entry level candidates to have work experience before they apply
-Local tech schools- Mass. School in Wilmington and the Mass. School in Norwood

$70,000 (starting salary)

Predicted longevity-
employment of chemical engineers is expected to grow 6 percent from 2010 to 2020,
Demand for chemical engineers depends on demand for the products of manufacturing industries
employment level will stay around the same with emerging technologies
Jobs: often involve production and process engineering tasks at a plant site. Also includes technical service, which involves providing engineering analysis and advice to non-engineers, and helping with market development.
Local companies-
American International Chemical Co, Life Technologies, Shire
Production and process engineering tasks at a plant site are common jobs for engineers with this degree

Potential for advancement-
entry level engineers with a bachelor’s degree usually work under more experienced chemical engineers
eventually they could supervise a team or become managers
Associate's Degree
Graduate Degree
Average salary - $46,159
Number of Jobs 2010- 7,100
Job Outlook, 2010-20 14% (About as fast as average)
Employment Change 2010-20- 1,000
Local companies - Co-Op Engineering for Parker Hannifin Corp- Woburn
Potential for advancement - minimum requirement is a bachelor’s degree, so you need additional training, but working as a technician in the chemical engineering field not as an actual engineer gains work experience

- field service engineer
- energy engineer
- Product/process development scientist
- teaching, research, and administration
Predicted longevity: at any degree from bachelor's degree on, employment of chemical engineers is expected to grow 6 percent from 2010 to 2020
Local companies: Applied Materials, SABIC Innovative Plastics, Entegris
Potential for advancement: ‘senior’ positions available at certain companies, and moving from a Chem. Eng. I to a Chem. Eng. II
Salary: Chem. Eng. II average is $83,093
Salary: $92,800 per year & scientists w/ this degree also experienced the lowest rate of unemployment (9%)
Jobs: a Ph.d. is most helpful to:
- perform university research
- teaching
Local Companies:
Senior Research Scientist Fire\Combustion\CFD Modeling for FM Global- Norwood, MA
-Scientist - Product Development for Ocean Spray- Lakeville, MA
-VP of Technology Development for SolidEnergy Systems - Waltham, MA
Potential for Advancement:cannot advance any further after a Ph.d. in this field.
Longevity- again, a 6 % growth from 2010-2020
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