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My justin beiber report

justin bieber report

Bridget Snapp

on 7 January 2012

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Transcript of My justin beiber report

Justin bieber!!! justin has done two albums now and they are "my world" and "baby". he says, "once my first album
came out i had to wake myself up and realize that i actually have an album out. this is
somthing i never would have
dreamed would happen!! " ( jus-tin) (bee-bur) Justin bieber was born on March 1st 1994 Even though we know Justin for his singing
Justin always said he liked sports more than
singing. He says that other than not being able
to see friends and family that is one of the main
things he misses doing, now that he is famous. His
favorite sport is hockey. he used to be on teams
when he was little. He still enjoys the sport! In the picture
to the right he is watching a hockey game! :) other than singing and playing sports,
one of Justins favorite things to do is
skateboard! he says he takes his skateboard
with him alot on the road and when ever he
has the opportunity he skateboards! :) This is Justin with his dad Justin's family members include:
Patty (mom)
Jazmyn (sister)
Justin's parents divorced when he was little This is Justin wiht his mom. This is justin with his sister Justin Bieber lives in Ontario Toronto Canada
and in this picture he is sitting on the step of a
building singing and playing his gutair to get
money!(This was before he was famous) Justin said,"i never have said
i wanted to be famous. it just
kind of happend." :) Justin became famous by youtube.
when he was about 12-13 he entred
a singing contest, and had some family
and friends and family who couldnt make the
performance. so he put the videos on youtube
for them to see and he got MILLIONS of veiws
and alot of people called to be his manager
but each time they said no. then his manager he
has now (scooter) wanted so badly to get a hold
of justin he actually got a hold of his grandma
but eventually got a hold of justin. scooter and
justins mom talked on the phone for an hour and
then decided to sighn a contract with him. :) Once when Justin was doing an opening
act for a diferent pop star Taylor Swift,
he was runing out staring the song, when
he tripped on a step and fractured his foot!
he had to get a boot cast. He didnt like how
it looked and he wanted to take it off and so
he did but he ended up making his foot worse
and he had to get surgery! :) BY: Bridget Snapp This is one of the magazines
i got some of my information
from! :) Justin bieber hasent died
yet so i cant give you a date
for that! :) Right now Justin
Bieber is 16 yrs. old! well i hope you enjoyed
my presentation! thats
the end!
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