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SCUBA Diving

No description

Cameron Smith

on 29 March 2012

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Transcript of SCUBA Diving

SCUBA Diving History: Diving started first as snorkeling by using reeds or holding your breath.
In the 16th century diving bells were created
In 1771, John Smeaton invented the air pump
In 1772, Sieur Freminet invented a rebreathing device that recycled exhaled air
In the 19th century people used regulators created by Paul Bert and John Haldane which we still use today
In 1825, William James invented another rebreathing devise which had a "belt" attached to a copper helmet. The belt held 450psi of air which is enough air for a 7 minute dive.
In 1876, Henry Fleuss built an oxygen rebreather.
In 1943, Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan created the Aqua lung
SCUBA became popular after WWII SCUBA Equiptment Every diver needs: diving fins, weight belt, dive weights, Buoyancy Compensator Device (BCD), tank, regulator, SCUBA mask, and a snorkel
Divers might need: wetsuit, spare o-rings, and mouthpiece keepers
Divers might want: Dive computer watch, waterproof camera, dive flashlights, waterproof videocamera, booties, and a dive knife
How and Where can i get certified? You can get certified at almost every dive shop
You can also get certified online but would have to come to a dive shop for the dive portion of the certification process
You can get certified by two organizations. One of them is PADI. The other is NAUI
Benefits for SCUBA Diving Burn a lot of calories
Exercising in comfort and not in 100 degree weather
Not very dangerous
Divers can see all types of marine life and how different it is from life above water
Fun Fact Questions 1. The bends only effects divers at the depth of 40 meters (131 ft) and below.

2. The first dive suits were made out of leather and were used in England and France.

3.You can't get married underwater.

4.You can use your SCUBA diving qualifications as high school credit for some courses.

5. Ron and Vallerie Taylor were the 2nd people to intentionally swim with sharks.

6. Ron Taylor has let a shark bite him.

7. Whale Sharks like to pop SCUBA bubbles so they prefer SCUBA divers rather than snorkelers.

8. Sharks love the taste of rubber.

9.The ocean water is healthier than regular water because it has more minerals in it.

10.You look very cool and talented when you walk forward with your fins on. True Or False? Answers 1. False the bends effect everyone no matter the depth. The effects are only noticeable after 40 meters (131 ft) 2. True 3.False, you can get married 4. False, college credit 5. False, the first people 6. True 7. False, they are scared of SCUBA bubbles 8. False, they don't like the taste of rubber 9. False, the ocean water has millions of bacterial cells including wastes by animals. The ocean water is very bad to drink. Plus it dehydrates you very quickly. 10.False, you look very bad when you fall smack on your face with your SCUBA equiptment squishing you. Multiple Choice Answers Pictures!!!! :) 1. C, 69 days and 19 min. 2. A, Under the Eiffel Tower 3. B, The Florida Keys 4. D, 925 ft
5. C, 8-12 humans, 30 mill.-100mill. sharks 6. D, 5 times faster, 25% larger 7. D, The Great Barrier Reef By Cameron Smith Thank you for wathching my PREZItation
:D Are there any questions?
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