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WWI Spies & Codes

No description

mckenzie Kelly

on 11 December 2015

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Transcript of WWI Spies & Codes

Edith Cavell
Mata Hari
-Mata Hari Dutch exotic dancer and prostitute

-Spied for Germany when with France men

-Spied for France when with German men

-The French suspect her of duplicity,Feb. 13, 1917,imprisoned, tried by a military court on July 24–25, 1917, sentenced to death, and shot by a firing squad.
Carl Hans Lody
-In May 1914 approached by German naval intelligence officials
-United Kingdom with orders to spy on the Royal Navy
- He posed as an American — he could speak English fluently, with an American accent, genuine U.S. passport made by an American citizen in Germany.
-un-coded communications were detected by British censors
-The British counter-espionage agency MI5, allowed him to continue, first two messages were allowed to reach the Germans, increasingly sensitive nature of his messages prompted arrest, hotel in Killarney, Ireland
Zimmerman Telegraph
-military alliance between Germany and Mexico in the event of the United States' entering World War I against Germany.

-decoded by British intelligence

-territory in Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona.
Spies & Codes
- played a crucial role in the war

-double agent system

-ground work for WWII espionage
WWI Spies & Codes
McKenzie Kelly & Malik Mays & Blake Borders
The Choctaw Telephone Squad
"The Germans had successfully tapped telephone lines, were deciphering codes and repeatedly capturing runners sent out to deliver messages directly."

-solution was stumbled upon by chance
-142nd Infantry Regiment.
"They were instrumental in helping US troops win several key battles..."
Work Cited

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-British nurse

-She got executed because the Germans found out she warned her mother that she was being watched by German spies

-She helped 100’s of allied spies escape from belgium in the war
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