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The rise and fall of OpenOffice.org

based on true story

Kalman Kemenczy

on 23 May 2017

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Transcript of The rise and fall of OpenOffice.org

1986 Star Division GmbH StarWriter (DOS) 1986-1997 StarImpress 1993 StarWriter 1994 1995 1996 StarOffice StarOffice 3.1 When we were stars Sun 1999 Sun acquisition 2000 70M USD founder and developer
Marco Börries Oracle acquisition OpenOffice.org 3.2.1 2010 Oracle 2007 (Writer, Image, Calc, Chart) Everything under the The Year of Decay StarWriter (with HTML and browser) brought to you by joined to the project 1997 StarBase Double licensing SISSL 2001 first release 2005 no more SISSL first stable release: 1.0 2002 2.0 ODF support, Base, new UI 3.0 1.1 PDF-export, macro recorder „In addition, Sun also announced today the new OpenOffice.org Foundation […] Sun will hold a equal membership position in the OpenOffice.org Foundation project management committee.“ 2003 Michael Meeks but they lied IBM fork to Symphony based on OOo 1.1.4 2011 joined ...again LGPL 2006 2008 IBM Symphony based on OOo 3 Sun Developer Agreement Give me your code! [...] 2002 StarOffice 6 2003 StarOffice 7 2005 StarOffice 8 2007 StarOffice 9 fired the OOo team open the code The rise and fall of Prologue StarOffice 5.2 Troubles in the project ? ? ? ? 2010, Budapest 1997 - 2009 the big fork based on SISSL bureaucracy long QA processes ownership questions 2007 all Linux distribution used it which license? real open source project and the birth of the How good was the QA in the OpenOffice.org project? use 526k lines of OOo code removed
290k lines of code added
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