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Nordic Nations

Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark, Norway

Sarah Conneli

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of Nordic Nations

Nordic Nations By: Haley, Sara, Nick, and Kaitlin Norway Sweden Geography:
Baltic Sea
Gulf of Bothnia
Vanern Finland History:
The first people arrived as an ice age (between 12,000 and 10,000 B.C.)
Tribes of reindeer hunters
Stone, bronze, and iron tools were developed
During the next 250 years, Sweden fought wars against Denmark, Russia, Poland, and Norway
19th century - peace Geography:
Gulf of Finland
Baltic Sea
Gulf of Bothnia Culture:
-Language spoken
-Traditional dress:
-Daily life
Considered a leader in gender equality
Chief executives - usually male
Elementary school teachers - female
Traditional gender professions - becoming more equally shared Geography:
Gaula River
Store Skagastølstind
Atlantic Ocean
Norwegian Sea
North Sea History:
First settlers- 7000 B.C
End Ice Age
3000 B.C - Farming
1500 B.C - Bronze Age and weapons
500 B.C - Iron for weapons Culture:
-Language spoken
-Traditional dress:
-Daily life
Folk stories
Mother and Father full time work Government:
-Form of Government
Parliamentary system
Constitutional monarchy
Multi-party system
Unitary state
$485.8 Billion
-World ranking
Economic freedom score- 70.5
Economy- 31st freest in 2013 Index Religion:
80% - Church of Norway
10% - Christian
5.9% - Other
6.2% - None Iceland Geography:
Jökulsá á Fjöllum
Atlantic Ocean
Greenland Sea
Norwegian Sea Denmark Government:
-Form of government
Multi-party parliamentary system
Written constitution
Presidents are elected for four-year terms
Direct popular vote
$14.06 Billion
-World ranking
Economic freedom score- 72.1
Economy - 23rd freest in the 2013 Index History:
874 - Ingolfur Arnarson became the first permanent settler
1262 - Controlled by Norwegian king
Later controlled by Danish king
Became an independent democracy on June 17, 1944
20th century - Industrial Revolution came to Iceland Religion:
-Religion most practiced
Lutheran Christians
92.2% - practicing members of Evangelical Lutheran Church
3.1% - Lutheran
0.9% - Catholic
3.8% - Other Government:
-Form of Government
Parliamentary Democracy
538.13 Billion
-World ranking
Economic freedom score-72.9
Economy - 18th freest in 2013 Index Religion:
-Roman Catholic
-Buddhist History:
The first settlers of Finland - Sami (Lapp) people
1809 - Finland was conquered by Alexander I of Russia
Finland took the opportunity to declare independence on Dec. 6, 1917
1941- Finns were defeated against Russia
1948 - A treaty of friendship and mutual aid was signed by the two nations Culture:
-Language spoken
-Traditional Dress:
-Daily Life
Live in partial darkness
Life style is like U.S. Government:
-Form of Government
Parliamentary Republic
Multi-party system
$266.07 Billion
-World ranking
Economic freedom score-74.0
Economy - 16th freest in 2013 Index Religion:
84% - Lutheran
1% - Greek Orthodox
1% - Other
14% - None Geography:
- Rivers
Gudenå River
- Mountains
- Waters
North Sea
Baltic Sea Culture:
- Language spoken
-Traditional dress:
-Daily life
80% of women are employed
Public policy of equality (wages and working conditions)
Men- more likely to earn higher wages Government:
- Form of Government
Parliamentary Democracy
King or Queen as head of state
Elected officials run government
$332.68 Billion
-World ranking
Economic freedom score- 76.1
Economy - 9th freest in the 2013 Index Religion:
-Religion most practiced
86% - Evangelical Lutheran Church
14% - Other Culture:
-Language spoken
-Traditional dress:
-Daily Life
Gender equality
Political system allows women to organize as a political party
Fishing in in the hands of men Wars: Art: Fought in World War II and lost History:
-Focused on trade, welfare, equality, and democracy
-Values include freedom and equality
-Accomplished after battling with nearby countries (18th and 19th centuries)
-1849 - First common constitution was completed and signed Denmark-Norway battle against Sweden
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