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Class of 2012


Mikayla Woodward

on 21 May 2012

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Transcript of Class of 2012

Class of 2012 Aaron Anstrom Kelly Arends Erica Baillie Andy Bane Sarah Bielfeldt Laini Bishop Kaiti Bowen Robert Braitling Cassidy Brucker Zach Carpenter Storm Crouch Brendon Davis Dakota Downey Ellie Dunham Alex Duquette Bonny Eyer Lane Ferguson Jackie Freehill Angel Gaesser J.J. Gardner Westin Goin Kayla Golden Courtney Gramley Weston Hasty Jason Hoffmann Joel Hood Jessica Hunter Justin Hunter Jake Johnson Preston Hutchison Sam Johnson Shelbie Kearfott Leah Keim Gabe Kerber Zach Kirby Alan Lange Logan Long Cole Lush John Massey Seth McCall Sierra McKinney Samantha Meiss Sydni Meunier Jaymi Nettleton Jordyn Nettleton Miranda Patton Christan Peters Alexios Pishos Katie Ricks Lais Revis Brittany Plamp Amy Rinehart Regan Romshek Jessica Schultz Jordan Sizemore Trevor Smith Michael Snyder Ana Shanley Emily Spangler Spencer Vetter Christopher
Wittemann Cayla Yeoward Mikayla
Woodward Courtney Wise Sam Byrne Anita Flores Mark Hott David Beck Derrick Renfroe Dustin Kessinger Thad Lewis Mckensie Vaughn Danielle Verbout Christian Ward Johnnie Boyd Jacob McGrew Senior Year! Best Wishes
class of
2012! Andrew Bleich Racheal Bingham
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