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Sara Christina Anjala FTR

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of Wetlands

A Wetland is an area of land which is saturated in water, with the exception of the ocean. Any area that is temporarily or permanently covered in water, flowing or still, fresh or salty, can be defined as a wetland. These include swamps, bogs, creeks,rivers, lakes and billabongs.
Wetlands take up around 6% of the world's surface.They are home to a wide diversity of plants and animals.They contain many fish and waterbirds.Wetlands are often protected by mangroves which stop wind and waves from invading.Wetlands are not developed because the marshy ground is not suitable for buildings.
These are two quite different but Quite famous wetlands, the Piccaninnie Ponds and the Everglades.
Piccaninnie ponds
The True Beauty of the Piccaninnie Ponds lie below the water's surface. As a popular cave-diving destination, it is quite well-known. It is a 543-hectare amount of area that is protected by the government, in south-eastern South Australia. It is situated near Mount Gambier, its adress being Wye SA 5291. The latitude and longitudefor the Piccaninnie Ponds are 37 degrees South and 140 degrees East
Flora and Fauna
The Yarra Pygmy Perch
The Everglades
The Everlades are located in the US, in the southern part of Florida. Beginning with the Kissimmee River and flowing to the extensive lake Okeechobee. The wetlands have a brilliant expanse of area. The approxiamate co-ordinates are 27 degrees north, 82 degrees west.
Flora and Fauna
The Florida Panther
Wet Lands
Dwarf Galaxias
Maroon-leek Orchid
The Greenhood
They are both well known wetlands
They are both home to much rich flora and fauna
They are located in different countries
They have different ecosystems which depend on different animals
The American Crocodile
Marshy Plants
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