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Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 5

Language in Act 1, Scene 1

Jennifer Ludgate

on 18 May 2016

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet Act 1 Scene 5

Romeo and Juliet
severe, unjust, brutal
fighting, scuffling, scraping
wrapped up, covered, enveloped
Learning Objectives:

To understand how imagery is used to show Romeo's strong feelings

To gain enough information to fully answer the question:

'How does Shakespeare portray Romeo's strong feelings in his first conversation with Juliet?'

Work effectively in a group to investigate the structure and religious imagery used in lines 92-105 of Act 1, Scene 5

We have looked at how Shakespeare uses oxymorons to show Romeo's emotions in Act 1, Scene 1. We are examining how Romeo's emotions change throughout the play.
Act 1 Scene 5: The party scene

Write an analytical answer to this question.
Complete this answer for homework using quotations from the text to support your response.
Holy Shrine
Write down any associations you can think of to do with the words

Think about why Romeo may use this phrase.
What type of imagery is this?
Can you add anything else to your map of ideas about the words
'Holy shrine'?
'holy shrine'
'How does Shakespeare use religious imagery and structure to show Romeo's strong feelings in his first conversation with Juliet?'
In your books, make sure you have answers to these questions by evaluating your findings:

1) Bullet point the ways in which Romeo and Juliet's love can be linked to religion. Identify the key quotations that show us this.

2)How effectively do you think Shakespeare shows Romeo's love? Explain how Shakespeare portrays his love clearly.

3) How do you think Juliet may feel being compared to a 'holy shrine'? Make inferences based on her responses. What alternative ways could her responses be interpreted?
Sinful love – by loving each other they are committing a serious sin.
Their love is like religious devotion.
Romeo worships Juliet.
Their love is predestined by God (Fate).
Their love is pure and perfect.
Highlight any words that make you think of religion.

What does the word 'blasphemous' mean?

As a group, find three ways in which Romeo's love can be linked to religion

Why do you think Shakespeare would use religious imagery?
Discuss the structure:

How many lines in this section?

Can you work out the rhyme scheme?

How many speakers?

What does this tell us about their love?

Are there any sections which stand out?
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