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The Watergate Scandal

No description

Cole Borwick

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of The Watergate Scandal

by: Cole Borwick The Watergate
Scandal Who was Involved What Happened 5 burglars were arrested inside the Watergate Hotel in the Democratic National Committee Headquarters. It was later found that they were connected with President Richard Nixon's reelection campaign. It was also discovered that the burglars were trying to wiretap the phones and steal secret documents from the Democratic office. The Cover UP President Nixon claimed he was not involved in anyway with the break in at the Watergate. Most people believed him and Nixon was soon reelected. Nixon kept trying to cover up the burglary, but finally, some of his aides testified against him in court. With undeniable evidence, the House of Representatives voted to impeach president Nixon. Facing certain impeachment, President Nixon resigned from office on August 8, 1974. Richard Nixon, President of the United States was the main person involved in the Watergate Scandal. Also involved in the Watergate Scandal, were 5 hired burglars that were connected to Richard Nixon's reelection campaign. It was soon found however, that Nixon was not being truthful about what he was saying. A few days after the break in, Nixon provided thousands of dollars for the burglars so that they wouldn't rat him out. Nixon's Final Days Where it Happened. The Watergate Scandal happened at the Watergate Hotel in the the Democratic National Committee Headquarters in Washington D.C. When the Watergate Happened The Watergate Burglary happened on June 17, 1972 The resignation of President Nixon happened on August 8, 1974 Significance of Watergate Scandal The Watergate scandal lead to the first resignation by a president in history. It made many people doubtful about the amount of power the president had. The main impact of the Watergate Scandal was that it has made people skeptic today. Now, people choose extremely cautiously who the president should be, and who has leadership and power.
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