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Emily Bolser

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Not only are cosmetics harmful to the environment, they are harmful to our bodies as well. Many commonly used ingredients found in cosmetics are known carcogeins, (cancer causing.) alot of chemicals in cosmetics not only cause cancer but can cause adhd, add, asmtha, premature aging of skin, weakening of the immune system, birth defects and many other horrible things.
1. Lather
2. Rinse
3. Repeat

Its as simple as that to take care of the environment Perfect hair Pop Lock and Trop It By Rock ur Hair Kayli Ankrom Tylor Holding Emily Bolser The Dirt says hot, the label says Pop Lock and Trop it Pop Lock and trop it takes you to a tropical paradise!!! Why should use pop lock and trop it every time we take a shower we are polluting waterways and killing wildlife Chemicals in shampoos and other cosmetics are harmful to us and to the environment. Many commonly used ingredients are actually harmful chemicals known to harm our bodies. How many of you would purposely dump thousands of gallons of chemicals into those beautiful oceans. That is what millions of americans do every day... Why should you use Pop Lock and Trop it Pop Lock and trop it is entirely safe for the environment and for you. Pop Lock and Trop is an obvious choice for safe eco friendly hair care. SLS (sodium Laurel Sulfate) was added in a very small amount to clean hair better. Fragrances are typiclly a big problem because thay are made of so many different ingredients. Pop Lock and Trop it uses all natural essential oils. Orange for its healing and antideppresant properties, And Lemongrass for anticeptic and healing properties
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