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Observe and Analyse

No description

PE MrHepworth

on 25 February 2014

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Transcript of Observe and Analyse


Analysis of Performance

Observe and Analyse
To understand the key areas of observation when analysing a sporting performance.

To be able to replicate the process of AoP.

To develop a bank of feedback resources for football.
You will be given a worksheet with a flow chart.

With your partner, in pencil, write the order you believe to be correct.

You have 3mins..... GO
Correct order should be......

You are going to watch 7mins of Scottish football
Listen carefully to the pundits comments.
Do you agree?

Use your flow chart to follow the AoP format.

Make notes on worksheet number 1 of what you see.
In your groups, identify 3 areas for improvement from the video you have seen.

Choose one area and design a functional practice to improve this.

You will be giving feedback to the group.
What areas have the whole group identified as weak in the game you have just watched?

You now need to exchange the information with other groups to build up your resources.

You have 15mins to visit other students in the group to complete your A3 sheet of AoP.

You must have 5 good functional practices that you can use to improve performance of the players you have seen.

Are they transferable to Yr11 GCSE?
What areas of improvement did you agree with and why?

Which practices will you be able to utilise to improve your performance on assessment day?

Home learning.

For two of the areas of improvement you have identified, further develop them in to a presentation using powerpoint.
Use models and pictures to bring your ideas to life.

Less words, more diagrams and instructions.

This is for next lesson.
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