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Mt. St. Helens, USA

No description

Amber Tipton

on 19 April 2015

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Transcript of Mt. St. Helens, USA

Santa Maria, Guatemala
Mt. St. Helens
About composite volcanoes
More information about composite volcanoes
If the volcanoe eruptes:

Get to high grounds

Stay away from area

Mt.St. Helens
Saftey tips
Mt. St. Helens, USA By~ Amber Tipton
~ Mt. St. Helens is a composite volcano
~ Mt. St. Helens last eruption was July10, 2008
~ Mt. St. Helens is located in Washington State
Mt. St. Helens destroyed 200 houses, 27 bridges, 15 miles (24 km) of rail ways, 185 miles(298km) of highway, and killed 57 people. It one of the fifteenth largest volcanoes
Santa Maria is a composite volcano
Santa Maria last erupted onApril 20 2010
Composite volcanoes are constructed from many eruptions, the eruptions create more layers. Composite volcanoes are typically called stratovolcanoes. They are deep sided, symmetrical cones of large dimensions built of alternating layers of lava flow, volcanic ash, cinders, blocks, and bombs. They can rise as much as 8,000 feet above their bases.

The Mayon Volcanoe in the Philippines
During their eruption the lava usally stops before hitting the ground.
Composite volcanoes are the most common volcanoes.

www.infoplease.com › ... › Principal Types of Volcanoes
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