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Nintendo's histroy

No description

Brogan Kogler

on 4 May 2015

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Transcript of Nintendo's histroy

Eddie Urbaniak
As Nintendo got more advanced so did the systems. The timelines to the left will show this.
Nintendo's history

The Nintendo 3ds
The Nintendo 3DS has almost all the orginal games remade from the NES.
Nintendo as a card company
Nintendo was orignaly a card company. Back in1989 they made Hanafunda cards.
The NES was Nintendo's first system. Some of the games included, mairo, donky kong, zelda, and kirby. NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System.
Easter Egg!ea
We bring you the History of Nintendo
from the NES to the Wii U!
Games on the 3DS include
3. The N64 had a diskdrive add-on but, it was only in japan.
2. The DS alone is one of the best selling hand helds ever.
1. Mario has the most copies sold out of all Video games.

Here is the handheld timeline
Random Facts
That's it...
4. Nintendo's first game was, the Game And Watch series system with over 60 games to play on it
Eddie Urbaniak
Brogan kogler
Reece Jensen
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