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Philips Project Management Training

No description

madeleine majenburg

on 20 February 2015

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Transcript of Philips Project Management Training

Why is it important?
- planning creates and maintains a workable approach: Plan the work, work the plan, maintain the plan
What is Project Management?
" A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service or result”

- Scope
- Time
- Budget (cost)
- Resources
- Risk
- Stakeholders
Project Management
5 Project phases:

Project Management:
"The application of knowledge, skills, tools & techniques to activities to meet the project requirements"
clear deliverables
Clear beginning and end
MS 0 - 4
Clear mutually understood objectives
Acceptance criteria
Stakeholders agree on:
Project Charter
Stakeholders & Team
Content owner
Content owner
Project Manager
Project manager preferably not also content expert
- Ensures that project has clear direction and support
- Provide Charter (assignment) to project team
- Ensures that the project plan meets both customer and organizational needs

Assignment and authorization from project sponsor(s)
PMO Way of Working
Coaching and Reporting
PMO Transformation Portfolio
PMO Tranformation Office
- Facilitates the team process
- Works with team to create and execute project plan
- Liaison between sponsor and customer
- Monitors progress
-Ensures that his/her part of project work gets completed on time
- acts as liaison to project manager
- provides content expertise
- Communicates back to team on issues
Team Member
Team member
Why is Project Management important?
To prevent:
Cost overrun
Excessive workload for individuals
lack of skill and expertise in team
staffing conflicts
strained relationships within team
scope changes
work is redone/duplicated
insufficient resources
deadlines are missed
Project Kick-off
" Failing to plan, is planning to fail"
What is project planning?
An answer to the project Initiation (Charter) by translating:


tasks & roles

resources & time


Project Management Plan:
The collection of information, forms, documents & schedules that keep track of the project.

Business case:

5 times why to translate business rational into deliverables: to understand what to deliver

SMART: specific, measurable, accepted, realistic and timely

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