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Run For Your Life

Hope you enjoy it!

Paula Paglioli

on 9 August 2016

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Transcript of Run For Your Life

Paula Paglioli,

Teacher Aline Fay
Run For Your Life
Stephen Waller
Ana (inspector Lozano)
After a few minutes another man with a gun appeared but also went away. Kim and Dave walked to see what the first man put on the bin. They realised it was drugs. They were frightned.
Stephen Waller wrote the book "Run For Your Life" in 1996.
When did Stephen Waller write the story?

They entered in a small street, in this street there weren't many people. They started taking photos and after some time they set under the trees. Then a man went out put something in the rubbish bin and ran away.
When she managed to go out of the supermarket she met a woman called Ana.
So they started a mission that was:
Kim had to go to the same bin that she saw the drugs before.
Thank you!
Because of this man they started a dangerous mission to arrest him, counting with the help of two police officers; Ana and Nacho.
Dave and Kim were sightseeing in Barcelona with a big group. Then they decided to leave the bus and start walking into the old streets.
She said to Kim don't be afraid and enter in the car and that her friend Dave was there.
Vidal , the man who wanted the drugs, will be there. Ana and Naho (her assistent) will be there too, but he wont see them.
Dave and Kim were sightseeing on the streets of Barcelona. They entered on an old street and found a criminal.
A man appeared with a knife in his hand. He said " Give it to me!" (the drug that was on Kim's hand). She started running very fast until she arrived in a supermarket.
That was what happened but when Ana pointed the gun to Vidal he threatened kill Kim. Dave appeared and threw the rubbish bin at Vidal. He fell down and everything finished right.
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