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Ruth Dean

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of IWonder....

.....why was the Sphinx created? I Wonder... Contents: 1) What is the Sphinx? 3) When was the Sphinx created? hypothesis Ancient Temple 4) Who built the Sphinx? 6) Conclusion What is the Sphinx?
An imaginary creature with the head of an animal or human and a body of a lion. When was the Sphinx created? 2) Where is the sphinx located? Where is the Sphinx located? Egypt and lays near the Great Pyramids of Giza. Who built the Sphinx? Pharaoh Khafra Conclusion The Sphinx: Guardian of the Tombs Approximately 2500 BC 5) Fun Facts Fun Facts Have you ever wondered where the sphinx's nose is? The Great Sphinx is the largest free-standing sculpture in the ancient world. Three tunnels have been discovered in the Sphinx, one in the head, one in the tail and one on the north side of its body. Two reasons/beliefs 1. Outraged Sa'im Dahr 2. Cannonball fired by Napoleon soldiers
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