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Copy of Landforms

Landforms of the World

Jennifer Poore

on 15 August 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Landforms

LANDFORMS Physical features of the world From rivers to mountain peaks, the world is covered with various types of landforms!

Each of these landforms have very distinct features that make them unique! How many landforms
are there? too many to name them all River -- a moving body
of water. This past year my family
and I visited the mouth of the
Mississippi River. Island -- an area
of land completely
surrounded by
water. The large ship
sailed past a
beautiful, yet
deserted island. Lake -- a body
of water that
is completely
surrounded by
land. Oxford Lake is one of
my favorite places to
visit during the summer. No matter where you
go on earth, you will always see landforms. From the most magnificent..... To the very simple..... Landforms are always
in plain sight!! Jennifer Poore
Mrs. Poore's HR
Social Studies
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