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Tidal Energy

No description

Thomas Hasler

on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of Tidal Energy

A form of energy that uses the movements of tides coming in and out to make a turbine turn
advantages of tidal energy
Video Clip
Tides only come out for 10 hours a day
Can affect the feeding patterns of fish, birds and plants
Extremely expensive to build
Few areas are suitable for the tidal Barrage method
Carbon Foot print
Tidal barrages leave no carbon foot print since they don't use any fuel to work.
Also the barrages produces no green house gasses or other waste into the atmosphere.
How people are resolving the disadvantages

Tidal Barrage energy
How it works
By : ISabel, tommy, morgan, and amber
Core 3 Science
Needs no fuel
Not expensive to maintain
Tides are very predictable
Tide only comes in for 10 hours a day
Tide are very predictable and during those off hours, you can use different types of energy.
It is extremely expensive to build
Extremely low cost to maintain balances it out.
Negatively affect animal's feeding patterns
We can relocate injured animals
Few suitable sites
They are fixing that by constructing more sites for tidal energy.
Google Images
Mr.Ereth's flash drive for video
Thanks for watching!!!
Interesting Facts
One of the oldest methods among tidal energy
Turbidity decreases as a result of smaller volume of water being exchanged between the basin and the sea
The fish can move through the sluices safely
TIdal energy uses the tides in the ocean that come in and
out to turn the turbines and generate the energy. The energy goes through the wires into everyones' homes.
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