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Differentiation Presentation

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Jamie D'Andrea

on 5 October 2010

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Transcript of Differentiation Presentation

Differentiation How to Differentiate Student Response to Differentiation Product Process Readiness Student Profile Sheets Content Student Interest Learning Styles Formative Assessments Ways to Differentiate Helpful Tips ALWAYS have the
end goal in mind:
Do Use a standardized rubric
to ensure similar grading
techniques Ask students to reflect to
determine the value of the
activity YOU should take time
to reflect, too! "This was more fun
than other things
we've done!" "Doing hands-on activities
like this make it
easier to learn what
we're supposed to learn." "I liked being able to
make choices about what
I wanted to do." Don't re-create the wheel;
visit the Differentiation
Shared Folder! QUESTIONS??? Rubrics Identify Objectives for EVERYONE Utilize the same rubric for each product to ensure equality Assignment
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