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homework Marco Polo interview

No description

Thomas Oh

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of homework Marco Polo interview

By Thomas Oh Interview with Marco Polo Introduction Question 4 Hello and welcome to my ex TV today we have a special visitor from Venice and his name is...........................
Marco Polo. Hello and today i have some questions for you these questions were sent by people who was interested on you, so have a sit and please answer these questions for us. Why did you wanted to explore??? Question 1 What was your problem and failures??? Question 2 Who is Kublai khan??? Question 3 When did you reached home??? Answer 1 Because when i was 15 years old my dad and uncle finally came back from their journey from china they were traders but when they told me what they saw i was hard to believe what i heard so i wanted to see it for myself and so my dream came true 1271 Answer 2 I met some bandits when i was heading to china they left us only with small food for me, my uncle and my dad and some other people who was with us. Answer 3 He is the king of china and me and my uncle and dad served him for 17 years when it was time to leave china he gave us one last task it was to take the princess Kokachin to Persia. In our journey to Persia we had a horrible sea voyage we lost 13 ships and only one made it with us. Answer 4 We reached home ( Venice) after 24 years and none of our family and friends recognized us at all. When i told all my amazing stories no one believed me. Also a extra information just to tell you my mum died when my dad and uncle were on there first trip to china so my aunt took care of me. Question 5 the last one
What did you do after exploring Answer 5 I went to a war against Genoa and Venice but i got captured and sent to jail when i was on the jail i told a lot of my stories about exploring they were amazed there was a writer in the jail too he listen and when he got free he made a book about my amazing story that's also one way i got famous. The End By Thomas Oh Kublai Khan
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