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incas life!!!!!!!!!!

No description


on 7 June 2013

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Transcript of incas life!!!!!!!!!!

The facts of the incan daily life: One video of the incan daily life The Incans used advanced farming techniques such as canals and ditches to irrigate their crops in Peru. The Incas worshiped the sun god Inti and the Incan emperor was believed to have been descendent of the sun god. * The Incans believed in reincarnation. * There was no doctors back than so they tried to cure the citizens with " Professinal " priests BUT they did have successful surgeries. * What the Incan worshiped and believed in: *They believed
in worshiping potatoes because they thought that if they gave them respect the potatoes would reward them. How experienced the incans were back then: * * There was no tractors back then so lots of people including men and women had to pick weeds , veggies and other sorts of food for their harvest. Incas rule! Incas believed in young age marriage so that more Incas could be born so they could have a stronger tribe. Pictures of an Incan empire found 500 years later frozen to death!
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