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Ethanol Productrion From Corn


Caleb Cull

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of Ethanol Productrion From Corn

Ethanol Production From Corn C6H12O6 2C2H5OH Sugar Ethanol Carbon Dioxide Reactants Products Carbon- 14 Hydrogen-18 Oxygen-12 This chemical equation is balanced Balancing Chemical Equations You must balance a chemical equation so you don't affect the law of conservation of mass +2CO2 What dose Ethanol Production From Corn do for gas prices,efficiency, and enviromental influence? Ethanol gas is better for the enviroment and less pollutent
makes gas 10 cents less per gallon
ethanol in corn makes it about 3% less efficient than pure gassoline, which is about 1 mpg less
Catalyst A catalyst is a sbutance that alters the rate of a chemical reaction, but is chemically unchanged
There is no catalyst in ethanol production from corn What is Happening in the chemical reaction? First you ferment and distill corn into pure alcohol
Second you mix in the alcohol with the gas
Finally you get ur E10 gas or 10% ethanol gas
You are taking sugar, and turning it into ethanol and carbon dioxide.
Research's Impact On Me The research i have done has impacted me in many ways. One way is that I have learned that ethanol corn is 10 cents cheaper. Knowing this, when I start driving I will buy Ethanol gas. Also knowing that it's less harmful for the enviroment, I will encourage other drivers to buy ethanol gas. That is how this research has impacted me in a posivtive way. Relating to the Real World knowing this imformation will help you save money everytime you fill up your gas tank with ethanol gas
also if you want to have less of an impact on the evniroment, you should fill your tank with ethanol gas
There is also a new E-85 which is 85% ethanol gas, the only problem with this is that not all car's are able to burn E-85 gas.
also if you are ever need some money, you can grow some corn because the market for corn for ethanol is raising
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