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How did Abraham Lincoln and his assassination affect reconst

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cody tumlin

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of How did Abraham Lincoln and his assassination affect reconst

Qualities That Made Abraham Lincoln a Great Leader
Lincolns relationship with the radicals vs. Andrew Johnson's relation.
How did Abraham Lincoln and his assassination affect reconstruction?
by: Garrett Reinke, Jesse Beecher
Cody Tumlin

The ability to learn on the job.
Ready willingness to share credit for success and failure
Ability to communicate goals and visions
Ability to control emotions
Awareness of own weaknesses
Ability to compromise
Ability to listen to the people
Lincolns Plan
The 10 percent plan
To end the bitterness engendered by the war.

The relationships with the radicals was extremely important to the plans for the south
and how to punish
Abraham Lincolns Ability to Learn on the Job
Lincoln was able to see the errors he made, learn from them, and then move on. In this way, his leadership skills were highly improved from the beginning of his presidency to the end.
Abraham Lincolns Ready and willingness to share credit for success and failure
Lincoln stated that the "path to success and ambition is broad enough for two." When the government had success he shared the credit will all of those involved.
When mistakes were made, Lincoln spoke up and said that him and his entire cabinet where to blame.
Abraham Lincolns Ability to Communicate Goals and Vision
Lincoln had a remarkable ability to communicate his goals to his countrymen. He made his goals and plans simple and communicated and understood the concerns of the citizens.
Abraham Lincolns Ability to Control Emotions
Lincoln treated the people he worked with well. But he did get angry and frustrated so he found a was to control the emotions. He would write a note he called a hot note and held it aside till he did lose his temper.
Abraham Lincolns Awareness of his own Weaknesses
Lincoln said one of his weaknesses was he gave people too many chances. He recognized this weakness and fixed it. For example George McClellan, Commander in Chief of the Union Army, refused to follow directions about the war. Lincoln set a deadline and as he didn't meet it he was removed from office.
Abraham Lincolns Ability to Compromise
Abraham Lincoln was known for his ability to compromise and make deals with both political sides. For instance the Missouri Compromise, made to separate the slave states with a border, was made by Abraham Lincoln.
Abraham Lincolns Ability to Listen
Lincoln listen to the citizens and dealt with conflicts in the real world not just problems with the government and war. He helped to offer ideas and suggestions to them while listening to the problems.
Issued a proclamation of amnesty.
The issuance of amnesty by Abraham Lincoln
It offered pardon to any confederate who would swear to support the constitution and the union. It also offered a pardon to any confederate who would swear loyalty to the 13th amendment. All of these things allow pardons for everyone except for the confederate officials and the military leaders.
The 10 percent plan
It requires only 10 percent of the former confederate states voters to pledge oath to the union before the state can begin the process of readmission.
Abe wanted to end the bitterness engendered by the war because it was hurting their appearance in the world and also killing their economy.
Lincolns assassination
Lincoln was killed in fords theater by john wilkes booth and was shot in the back of the head
Lincolns assassination affecting the white house
when Lincoln was assassinated Johnson came into power and tried to make it easier for the south to renter the union
When Johnson came into power it made a lot of the republicans made so this group called the radical republicans wanted to fight back and created a plan of their own.....
Lincolns relationship
Lincoln was able to keep the
radicals at bay with his
powerful debating skills, this
was a relationship that was
needed at the time.
Andrew Johnson's relationship.

Andrew johnson did not have
a very good realationship with the radicals this was due to him being a southern sympathizer.
Things that Lincoln did well when it came to the radicals.
Lincoln was able to persuade them to not punish the south so much but to help them rebuild and rejoin the union.
How Lincolns assassination hurt the relationship.
The relationship was hurt hard with the assassination of Lincoln this left Andrew Johnson in the Presidency whom the radicals did not like.
How Johnson's and Lincolns plan differed.
Johnson said that the south should be punished but all that Lincoln wanted to do is reunite the union as quickly as possible.
Johnson did not want confederate leaders to have any power. Lincoln was not so strict with his confederate leaders.
Lincoln's vs. Radical Republicans plan
Lincoln did a very good job of controlling the radicals unlike Johnson
The Radicals plan was to keep the republicans in power in the south and to get revenge on the south, Lincoln did not want any of that.
Reasons the radicals did not like Andrew Aohnson.
One reason was he was a southern sympathizer another was he tried to pass laws to help the south keep control over the Blacks.
All in all Lincolns assassination played a major role in reconstruction due to the fact that the radicles had to end up impeaching Andrew Johnson to get what they wanted.
Abraham family and white house
Lincoln married marry Todd and they had four children. Only one of Lincolns children made it to adulthood the rest died.
Lincoln was born on February 12, 1809 in Springfield, Illinios
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