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Diseases Spread From The Silk Road

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Stella DiCicco

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Diseases Spread From The Silk Road

How People Got It
The Bubonic Plague, also know as the Black Death, was a disease that mostly affected rodents. However, it could also affect Fleas, and they transmitted it to people. This started in the 1300's, and by 1347, a lot of Western Asia and Europe had gotten it. Once people has the disease, it would only be a matter of time before others were infected, since it was highly contagious. The disease started spreading in China, and since they were the leading exporters for The Silk Road, it was only a matter of time before the world was affected...
The Symptoms
The Bubonic Plague was a very obvious disease. Once you had it, you were likely to die. Once you were infected, you would get a rapid fever. Then, you would get red spots all over your body. After they formed, they would turn black. If you saw someone looking like that, you had to run. Unfortunately, people back the didn't run fast enough. One last symptom was, increased swelling on the lymph glands, called buboes, which is how this disease got one of it's names.
How It Caught
Cures Tried
Once people got this, there wasn't much to do. Doctors tried everything to get rid of it. The most popular methods were burning wood in the sick person's room, putting them on special diets,( although they died rather quickly), bleeding the person out, different sleep positions, or failed attempts at medicine. Overall, it wasn't the greatest time to come down with this, because medicine didn't advance much.
When it Stopped
The plague continued for a really long time. Since it was transmitted by Fleas, it would stop, or slow down during the winter, and start up again in the spring. When the worst of it was over ( about 5-10 years), there would always be small outbreaks happening. Those didn't really stop until the 1600's, and even then, Europe was seriously crippled by this. Since there were fewer people, there was more of a demand for people to do labor jobs, and that ended up having the peasants revolt because of there being lower wages than they wanted. This happened around the end of the 1300's. Also, everybody was very spiritual in the medieval times, so when their prayers weren't answered about the disease stopping, they stopped and seriously considered their spirituality.
The Damage
This disease left almost all of Europe in Mayhem. When the men got back from trading and the people found out what they had, they were drove from the city, but it was too late. Soon, people were afraid to go outside. The sick were abandoned in buildings, and nobody would give them the proper burial. For 5 years, this continued, until it had wiped out over 25 million people, or about 1/3 of Europe's population!
The Silk Road:
The Bubonic Plague

In 1347, China had an epidemic of the Bubonic Disease. When Italian Merchants came back from trading with them, they caught it. When they arrived in Sicily, many were already sick or dying. Within days the disease had spread along the entire city, and before long, almost all of Europe had caught wind of the terrible epidemic.
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