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Lamb to the Slaughter

No description

Renner Clements

on 13 September 2013

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Transcript of Lamb to the Slaughter

Lamb to the Slaughter
Lesson Plan
What is Mary's motivation for her plan?
How does being the wife of a detective give Mary an advantage?
How will the police be doing Mary a favor by eating the lamb?
Read the last couple paragraphs. How is this ironic?
Written by Sierra Blair, Rohan Laungani, Nikki Tocash, Renner Clements, Cameron Wyse,Yazmine Johnson, and Zach Prall
How does Mary feel about her husband?
How can you tell something is troubling Patrick?
How can you tell that Patrick is nervous?
Does Patrick care about Mary as he delivers the news?
Do the police suspect that Mary is the murderer?
1. Have you ever heard someone described as going "Like a lamb to the laughter?"
The saying comes from the bible, which describes many instances of lambs used as sacrifices.
What do you think
will happen next?

She is worried about what
will happen to the unborn baby
if she is convicted.
She knows the steps the
police take to find the murderer,
so she can be always one step

After getting the information
from the grocer, they believe her
story and firmly believe that she
had nothing to do with the murder.

They will be disposing the only
piece of evidence incriminating Mary
as the murderer.

The police are discussing what
the murder weapon was and where
it could be, not knowing they are
eating it.

Mary loves her husband
very much.
He has almost rude comments
to his wife, and replies to every
question with one word. He also
gulps down his drink in one swallow.

He doesn't look Mary in the eye
as he delivers the news.

No. Patrick seems to be more
concerned about himself and his
job than Mary. He doesn't want her
to think anything of it.
The End.
Written Question: Throughout the
story Mrs. Maloney goes through a character
change. Are there any examples of dramatic
or situational irony that show her character
changing? If so, use one and explain how her
character changes in that specific scene.
Element Analysis
1. Look through the story and define what the term
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