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Name of the service

No description

Camille Villard

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of Name of the service

Accompany the chef around the market

Take part in cooking under the guidance of the chef in a group

Get the cooking recipe from the chef (to re-do it at home)

Friendly (convivial), social and enjoy while you learn event, pleasant experience

Easy payment and booking adapted to the customer segment

Locals aged b/w 40-70

Companies looking for team-building exercise

People interested in cooking and looking for leisure activities


Families (with kids)

Dedicated personal assistance (chef leads a small group)

Loyalty program

Sponsorship program? (bring a friend and get a discount yourself)
News outlets

Internet (Website)


Advertisements in Torvehallen

Commercial prospection (for companies)

Pay for a session: all inclusive
Cooking class

Guided tour / shopping class (Explaining how to choose a good meat and vegetable for the dish)
Chef (Human / Intellectual)

Kitchen and equipment (Physical)

Torvehallen vendors (acquisitions of resources / activities, optimization and economy of scale)

Local authorities (acquiring space)

Payment facilitators
(optimization and economy of scale)


Insurance (reduction of risk)

Value-driven, mainly fixed costs (booth rental, equipment to cook, website maintenance, chef salary)
Case 1 (Best)
one person will pay: The price for the food + 220 Dkr
Second Case
one person will pay: The price for the food + 220 Dkr
one person will pay: The price for the food + 220 Dkr
Third Case (worst)

People have to transport to eat at our place

Encourage customers to buy and cook seasonal and local products
More consumption of vegetables and meat and thus, avoids old stock at the shops

Competition with other restaurants around at Torvehallerne
Time consuming
Problems created by shops which aren't in an agreement with us

Encourage people to eat a balanced diet
Raise awareness among people against junk food
Meet new people around a fun activity
Learn how to properly prepare a dish, and its’ real taste

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