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The Thief Lord

No description

Felicia Varacalli

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of The Thief Lord

The Thief Lord
Climax and Falling Action
Ida let them have the wing only if they agreed to let her follow the Conte with them to see the merry-go-round
They get caught and sent back home
Hornet and Bo are missing when they get back
Prosper and Scipio sneak away on a boat to try and see the merry-go-round again
Scipio rides it and becomes an adult
Barbarossa arrives and rides it as well, becoming a child
Victor and Ida work together to find Hornet and Bo and bring them back
Prosper and Bo are reunited again
Prosper and Bo
The magical merry-go-round
Scipio dressed as The Thief Lord
Prosper and Bo run away to Venice from their evil Aunt Esther
They are taken in by a group of homeless kids led by Scipio
Scipio steals luxurious items from around town for the group to survive
The kids sell these items to Barbarossa, a shopkeeper
Author Cornelia Funke with part of the cast in the 2006 movie
The Thief Lord
Why Others Should Read The Novel
Has more than one conflict
Many morals can be learned through the themes
Uses different types of fictional writing combined into one story, including mystery, fantasy and action
Recommended for young audiences
Has a happy ending ☺
Man vs. Self: Prosper
Eg. When Bo is taken by his aunt, Prosper follows them, but has difficulty internally doing so because he is unsure if he should let his brother see him and try and take him away from his Aunt or just follow him to be sure he is okay
Man vs. Self: Scipio
Eg. Scipio wants to be an adult very badly, and he constantly tries to act older by taking care of the kids and making deals with other adults such as the Conte and Barbarossa
Man vs. Man
Eg. Prosper and Bo are hiding from Victor Getz and their Aunt Esther throughout the novel

Writing Style
Rising Action
Esther sent Victor Getz, a detective, to find Prosper and Bo
A man named the Conte wanted Scipio to steal a wooden wing for him
Victor found their hideout, but promises not to say anything to Esther if they don't steal the wing
They decide to steal it and not tell Victor
While stealing it, they awakened the owner, Ida Spavento, who explains the story behind the wooden wing
It is the missing piece to a magical merry-go-round that can change your age
Unique Characteristics of the Story
Keeps its audience engaged in the book
Eg. When Bo is finally brought back home from Victor, Prosper is missing
Eg. When the audience discovered the wooden wing belonged to a magical merry-go-round
Eg. What Isola Segretta is like when Prosper and Scipio are on it
Eg. When Prosper and Scipio are locked in a barn for the night on an unknown island, and no one knows what is going to happen to them
Barbarossa is adopted by Aunt Esther
Scipio works for Victor as a detective
Prosper and Bo live with Ida
Shows how people respond to the stealing of Scipio -- it is a generous donation but the donation is not appreciated if it is gotten through many lies, therefore demonstrating how lying can get someone into a big mess
Children want to become adults and adults want to go back in time and be kids again
A sense of belonging is felt at the end of the story, since all of the characters have silently been searching for where they belong
By: Cornelia Funke
The writing style is very clear
Uses smaller, more understandable words that more people can understand and uses larger words only when necessary
The book has a glossary at the back defining Italian words that were used during the story
Allows readers to easily visualize the setting and characters while using a high degree of description
Basic writing style
Uses a lot of Italian words in her writing
The novel was originally written in German then translated to English so the copies are slightly different
Comparable to Harry Potter in many ways, eg. both Prosper and Bo and Harry Potter are unhappy with their adoptive families

Victor Getz
Prosper and Bo's Uncle Max and Aunt Esther Hartlieb
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