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FreshSpace_Leverage Across The Path to Purchase_Networks

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Fresh Space Guest

on 18 December 2012

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Transcript of FreshSpace_Leverage Across The Path to Purchase_Networks

FreshSpace provides access to key leverage points across The Path This access is UNIQUE FreshSpace Leverage Across
The Path to Purchase ...and has been proven to drive profitable, incremental sales for brands and their retail partners. The FIRST place they go when deciding what to make at meal time is the refrigerator MOST IN-HOME MARKETING IS DELIVERED IN THE LIVING ROOM... 85% of shoppers buy from Dairy on EVERY trip 93% of shoppers are using lists... 29% EVERY time, 42% MOST of the time 85% of shoppers check the refrigerator WHILE making their shopping lists The #1 thing, that 96% of them check... is THE MILK! 90% of households use milk DAILY Why? Because 92% of shoppers agree that they would have to make an unplanned trip if they ran out of milk. SHOPPING LIVING THEIR LIVES PLANNING On average the refrigerator door is opened 23 TIMES PER DAY 52% 22% 15% Milk is prominently placed 89% of the time IN FRONT IN FRONT ON DOOR Here's 60 seconds of how bad it could be... Source: Custom Quantitative Study Conducted March 2012; 1,137 Primary Grocery Shoppers in HHs with Kids The first time a shopper encounters our ad unit she is... Then they take the milk home and go about... At some point she needs to go back to the store and starts... Penetrating this list is EXTREMELY valuable. "If it's not on the list, it's not going to get into the cart." ~ Packaged Facts Publisher David Sprinkle October 5, 2011 90% of shoppers
visit Produce on
EVERY Trip 70% of shoppers
visit Packaged Bread
on EVERY Trip
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