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No description

Terry Kowalskyj

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Chess

Rook Rook Knight Knight Bishop Bishop Queen King Pawns Rooks: Knights: Bishops: Queen: King: Pawns: Chess: The Basics By: Terry Kowalskyj First move only Objective: To capture the opponent's king.

The first king to be trapped with no possible moves is called "checkmate", or just "mate" for short. Tips to Win: When capturing/trapping the king, use the sides of the board, corners, and all pieces on the chess board (opposing and friendly). Playing the Game: To begin, white always makes the first move. Each player takes a turn, making only one move. Understanding "Check": When a player is in check, that means that the player's king is in a position to be captured. There are three ways to get out of "Check": 1- Move out of the way.
2- Block the check with another piece.
3- Capture the piece threatening the king. When a piece from the opposing player threatens the king it is referred to as "Check". Basic Strategies: 1- Protect your king

2-Don’t give pieces away

3-Control the center

4-Use all of your pieces Chess Time! Now it's your turn to play! Open a browser, and enter in: http://www.smartlittlegames.com/FlashChess.aspx Although they only move one space, they are a special piece.
They can only move forward, and capture opposing pieces diagonally.

Can perform a special move called "Promotion" where the pawn is substituted for any piece (most commonly the queen) once it has reached the other side of the board. The most important piece in the game!

Can only move one square in any direction.

It is the weakest and most vulnerable piece in the game. The most powerful and most universal piece in the entire game.
The queen can move in all directions and any amount of spaces in one direction. Although they can move as far as they want, bishops can only move diagonally.

Bishops are also limited to the color that they started on. For example: If the left-hand bishop starts on a black square, it can only move/capture on adjacent black squares. This piece is very unique.
The knight is the only piece capable of moving over pieces.
It moves in a "l" shaped fashion, moving two squares in one direction and one more square at a 90 degrees angle.
The knight captures pieces only if it lands on them directly. The most basic piece, but a powerful one.

Rooks can move forward, backward, and to either side as far as it wants The Chess Board Layout Capturing
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