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Working 2014-15 CMU RSB Presentation

No description

Mitch Krohn

on 11 December 2017

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Transcript of Working 2014-15 CMU RSB Presentation

What can I study?
Committed Faculty
Student Leadership
Campus Life

What next?
apply early
financial aid
•Student employment
•Canada student loans
stay connected
Campus Visit Days
Apply by November 30 and there is
no application fee
Small Classes
Encounter quality learning, and rigorous academics offered uniquely in a small, nationally recognized university.

Connect disciplines; Business with philosophy, theology - and much more.

Join your passions with diverse career paths and be inspired to serve and lead

Build relationships with professors who become both teachers and mentors
The CMU Experience
- greater opportunity for collaboration
and interaction with other students
- increases in moral and ethical judgement
- a chance to improve life skills
Taken from The Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC)

- 99% feel professors are accessible outside of class (compared to CUSC average of 92%)
- 98% feel professors treat students as individuals (compared to CUSC average of 83%)
- 95% feel professors take a personal interest in students' academic progress (compared to CUSC average of 67%)

What is it?
Art DeFehr
CEO of Palliser Furniture
Sarah J. Smith
Founder and President of
Sarah’s Hope Jewelry
Roger Friesen
Founder and President
of Casana Furniture
"Teaching ethics and values together with business skills can be an important contribution of CMU. I fully endorse the teaching of business by CMU."
Skill Development
- Professional experience
- Gain perspective
- Workplace integrated learning
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Arts:
Business & Organizational Administration
Master of Business Administration
Human Resources
Social media: @cmu_admissions
Connect with an admissions counsellor
A co-working laboratory for social entrepreneurs

Student Collaboration
- 6000 ft office space
- Outdoor commons
Social Entrepreneurship major
Practicum / Co-op course
Interdisciplinary approach
Opportunities for MBCI students
Business Merit Award

Exempt from BUSI-1000
•Leadership ($14,000 over 4 years)
•Academic entrance (up to $3,000)
•Academic Merit ($4,000 over 4 years)
•Business Merit ($6,000 over 4 years)

apply by February 28
$6,000 over 4 years of study
with completion of
- Meet regular CMU admission requirements
- Pre-Calculus Math 40S
•BBA (Co-op)
- Meet regular CMU admission requirements
- Pre-Calculus Math 40S
- 85% average (top 3 gr. 12 academic courses)
•BA (Business major)
- Meets regular CMU admission requirements
- Applied 40S or Pre-Calculus 40S
admission requirements
- meet requirements to join CPA
- attend CPA events
- network with professional accountants
- focus on organizational behavior
- leadership development
- start your own business
- work towards CHRP
- learn interpersonal communication / conflict resolution

Not-for-Profit Management
- Closely linked to International Development Studies
- International business
- Social enterprise
- Business ethics

- Connected to Social Sciences
- Social justice at the business level
- Social returns and financial returns
- Partner with the CMU Centre for Resilience

In-Residence Program
What it looks like:
- BBA 5 year program
- 6 semesters of valuable paid work experience

Discover CMU
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