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Human Resources as a Strategic Buisness Partner...

No description

Alyssa Angell

on 25 February 2015

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Transcript of Human Resources as a Strategic Buisness Partner...

Cougar Human Resource Team

Human Resources
What is Human Resources?
Business Culture with HR as a Strageic Business Partner
Our Plan
Why Switch?
Pros & Cons of HR as a Strategic Business Partner
Benefits for our company

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Strategic Business Partner
Understand organization's business operations
Project how business trends might affect the business
Reinforce positive aspects of the organization’s culture
Develop talent for present and future needs
Craft effective HR strategies

Administrative Function
Focus on filling out paperwork
Processing the paperwork
Screening and interviewing applicants
Orienting new employees
Administer benefits of employees

Our Situation
Currently we are using an administrative strategy in terms of our Human Resources department, we propose a 3 year transition to HR as a strategic business plan in order to maximize profit, and retain talent
Slow Problem Solving
The traditional administrative role of HR focuses on issues only as they arise, instead of creating preemptive solutions
Employees aren't Objects
"The goal of human resource management is to make individuals as predictable as physical assets"
Monetary Costs
High turnover rates
Less productivity
More unhappy employees

Talent limitations
One of the top challenges

Limited organizational flexibility
Some managers won't except

HR managers lacking business experience

HR function and business related issues
Talented managers
Business of the business
HR work begins with the business

Reduced employee turnover

Competitive advantage
Increased efficiency/ Enhanced products
Employees as a strategic resource

Organizational consolidation
Engaged, empowered, enabled
Includes actual workforce
HR input and employee involvement
Training, employee development, competitive salaries
Executive succession

Whole company must buy in

Help managers stay legal

Acquire Hipo's before competition
Can't afford to be reactive

Training/events that build success and support the company culture
Increased Employee Retention

Valuable Employees
Lower costs
Competitive Advantage
Engaged employees
Motivated to work hard
"Not just doing their 8 and hitting the gate" - Ron Moser
Employees as a strategic resource
Based on Jim Harvey's speech structures
Peer Reviewed:
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Centralized Organization
More engaged employees throughout organization
Highly skilled employees to improve business performance and innovation.
Aggressive 3 year transition plan
Year 1: Start with the basics
Year 2: Core Changes
Year 3: Full Transition
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