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amber lutz

on 3 December 2014

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Transcript of Leadership

Jake Wherley, Amber Lutz, & Jensen Patton

"The disparity in views of leaders: They are revered or vastly unpopular, but people rarely feel neutral about them" (Durbin, 2008).

Leadership polarity is universal.
Leadership Polarity is not limited to politicians or the famous. It can occur as a result of ethics, morals, or a person's general views on a person or situation. Leadership polarity can be largely influenced by the leader's leadership style and/or charisma. But it can also be influenced by the followers and their knowledge and life experience.
The Lego Movie:
We chose to use the Lego Movie to help depict a scenario that involves leadership polarity. The Lego movie shows a multitude of leadership styles, characteristics, and transformations. Throughout the movie, there is obvious leadership polarity when it comes to President Business.
"All I'm asking for is total perfection."
- President Business
President Business is a machiavellian with his ruthless manipulation of the citizens of Bricksburg. He desires perfection and will do whatever it takes to get it. This is proven with his dastardly plan to use the Kragle to ensure everything is perfectly in place under the guise of Taco Tuesday.
President Business
Personalized Charismatic
Autocratic Leader
Legitimate Power
Reward Power
Coercive Power
Emmet and the citizens of Bricksburg follow instructions throughout their lives, just as President Business desires. They are not free thinkers and do everything as the instructions say, such as watching "Where are my Pants", drinking overpriced coffee, enjoying popular music, and not straying from the expected. They love President Business and do not questions his rules.
Meet President Business
Master Builders
Not everyone likes President Business. The Master Builders are the free thinkers who build whatever they think of as opposed to what the instructions say. President Business chased them into hiding because they went against his idea of perfection.
Cloud Cuckoo Land
Cloud Cuckoo Land is the exact opposite of Bricksburg. Chaos and creativity are embraced. It is exactly what President Business is trying to do away with. It's inhabitants are against President Business and his rules. Emmet is confused by the lack of structure. This shows the different mentalities and attitudes of those who are for and against President Business.
"And you can still change everything."
Polarity is not something that is fixed--as a leader changes themselves and their ways of leading, followers can change their views and perceptions of the leader. Followers views on leaders are individually subjective--no matter what a leader does or how they lead, followers will have their own feelings towards them. But, perceptions can change as time passes. Nothing in life is "Kragled"--it can change.
Polarity Shifts in Bricksburg
For the citizens of Bricksburg, a polarity shift occurs when they are confronted with President Business' plan and finally become aware that they can do more than follow instructions.
When a leader changes his views, the leadership polarity can often be affected.
DuBrin, A. (2013). Leadership: Research Findings, Practice, and Skills (7th ed.). Mason, Ohio: South-Western Cengage Learning.

The Lego Movie [Motion picture on DVD]. (2014). United States: Warner Home Video.

President Business creates his own shift.
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