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No description

Azaan Popat

on 25 September 2014

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Transcript of Infographic

What's next...
Adam Schellenberg & Tristen West
Thursday, September 25, 2014
Information Session
Differences Between Job Aids and Infographics
Realities in Retail

Why use Infographics & their impact

What do you think...?

Animated infographics
Infographics with audio
Interactive infographics
Video infographics
A large number of branches are operating at minimal staffing (300+ branches or approximately 25%)
Multiple duties in a high volume, customer facing environment
Often learning and selling occurs at the same time
Employees are with customers majority of the time
Employees do not have the time to read emails or B-web circulars

The rules of communication remain the same whether the message is face to face or via an infographic...the sender owns the message
Communication never changes...
How to build an Infographic
Visually engaging
Drives simplicity
Caters to different learning styles
Logically organized information
Impactful information that tells a story

PowerPoint - free & available
Illustrator/Photoshop - available to purchase
External Vendors - such as Pathways Inc.

Who is your audience?
What do you need them to know or do?
Common Mistakes
No rhyme or reason – wrong colours/wrong images
‘Borrowing’ from other designs without consideration
Too many numbers – too little space
Selling instead of informing
You will achieve greater success with timely & accurate data, effective design & a relevant story
Your infographic will standout when you remember all of this along with creativity, SEO & social media
Your infographic will fail with bad data, sources and/or spelling/grammar
The good, the bad, the exceptional...
Why should I care?
They can be very effective at cutting through the noise!
Infographics can help engage your audience
They are easily shared and can go viral quickly
They can create a selling platform without the direct "ask"
The future of Infographics...

The future of Infographics...
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