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Small Group Communications

No description

Emily Donovan

on 15 March 2013

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Transcript of Small Group Communications

Norms: 1. Be pro
2. Be punctual
3. Text/call if you are going to be late
4. Have food at every meeting
5. Evenly distribute work load
6. Should conflict arise, we will solve it in a democratic fashion
7. Include fun activities at every meeting
8. Be mature (most of the time)
9. Think collectively
10. Establish and adhere to our set deadlines
11. Keep things clean Katarena Lusk, Sam Murie, Bailey Muntz, Dakota Sanchez, Emily Donovan Problem: Ideas: Volunteer at an after school program:
Boys and Girls Club
Image Elementary
Jim Parsley Center Create an engaging presentation and present at a local elementary school. Create our own activities to engage and teach elementary school children about how to stay healthy. Final Decision and Plan: Present for fifth graders at Fircrest Elementary. Evaluation: How we rated our success: Lack of information given to elementary school students about their physical health. -Paper plate activity
-Outdoor activity
-Engagement levels Must haves/Limitations: -Does not cost anything
-Local elementary school
-At least 2 hours of volunteering
-Works with all schedules
-No background checks Problems we had:
-No response from volunteer locations
-Agreement on ideas
-Day and time of volunteer service Group Analysis: Roles and Diversity -Different leaders at different times
-Different tasks
-Personality traits:
-Introverts and extroverts
-Conflicts due to differences Group Goal: Receive an "A" in the class and create a presentable project that reached out to many people. Motivation: -Food
-Activities outside of class
-Receiving good grades Communication: -Verbal/nonverbal Decision Making/Problem Solving -Voting democratically
-All ideas and opinions out on the table
-Weigh pros and cons of ideas
-Conflict management Facts: -Boys aged from 9-12 should weigh 60-100 pounds
-Girls aged from 9-12 should weigh 55-100 pounds
-Over the span of 42 years, the obesity rate in the children aged from 9-12 years old increased from 6.1% to 17.4% (TIME). Childhood Obesity Strengths and Weaknesses -Deadlines
-Task oriented
-Off topic
-Meeting times and dates
-Group think Included in Presentation: Staying healthy while having fun:
-Activities: indoor and outdoor
Eating healthy meals and snacks:
-Food pyramid, snack ideas and healthy meal ideas
Creating goals:
-become better at a sport, be able to keep up with friends, eat more healthy snacks
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