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A Robot in the Making Assignment - Flat design interface prezi template

Available at Prezzip.com. Flat design interface prezi template. A flat design prezi. Use this minimalistic style designed template to create a professional looking presentation.

Samii Sam

on 12 June 2015

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Transcript of A Robot in the Making Assignment - Flat design interface prezi template

A Robotsie Co Production
A Robot in the Making
However to achieve this goal, we must ask our consumers to contribute in a survey that will shed us some light on what they want in the robot. The results were given in we tallied up and put the results in a graph. Now we will discuss the results with you.
Hello there we are the Robotsie Company. Our company has been designing and manufacturing robots for the past 50 years. We have come up with a project that will assistant consumers with backbreaking chores that has plagued their everyday lives.
Survey Results
From the 30 participants of our survey, most chose the option multi-coloured. In households where there are children, this colour will appeal to them as well as being able to stand out, unlike normally coloured robots i.e. silver. Whilst constructing this robot, we added the colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple in a striped pattern.
In order to start designing the robot we must determine what its shape would be for purposeful reasons such as storage issues and aesthetics. The most popular choice is a rectangular robot.
Our robot will work in households thus we have chosen the appropriate options such as cooking etc. The most votes option is cleaning however, many people have chosen all chores. We decided to implement all chores
We asked this question to understand which gender appeals most to consumers, mostly for aesthetic reasons. The majority of participants chose female as most of the consumers participating in this survey are female. However second most chosen is that the consumers ‘don’t mind’. We decided to give the robot some feminine traits whilst designing the robot.
Most of our participants which is 13, wanted the robot to be a human sized robot. But 10 other people wanted the robot to be medium. I guess human size and medium size robot are about the same size according for them. Just by looking this graph, there are minimum people who chose the other two. It looks like most people doesn't want a really small size or a really big size robot to be working at home.
We have asked this question for security purposes. The majority of participants’ choice voice recognition/command. This is a good choice as voices are hard to imitate when activating a robot. We decided to make the robot recognise said voice whilst in the manufacturing stage.
Most participants wanted the robot to multi-task. In designing the robot we decided to add electric motors that will aid the robot in making smooth, continuous, rotational motion.
60% of consumers wanted a robot made of steel. Steel is a very strong metal and easily malleable . As many have chosen a multi-coloured and to make the robot more aesthetically pleasing, steel could be coated with many different colours of paint
Most participants wanted a T.V. embedded into the robot. This will serve as entertainment for the consumer.
notice me senpai
notice me senpai
The purpose of this question is to give an insight on who is partaking this quiz as age and experience affect the answers being made. Such as children may not know what it is like to be working on chores everyday but have observed others doing it. However much older consumers are often faced with these tasks. Most participants were of ages of 10 to 19.
Most people preferred to pay $250-$1000 and $1001-$10,000. Which means they prefer to not pay a lot.
Most people wanted the robot to be voice controlled so it will speak 100 languages and have a wide vocabulary. The robot will respond to a series of commands.
A lot of people wanted the robot to be powered by solar panels, which is cheap yet eco friendly.
The Final Design
"The most revolutionary creation up to date!"
-Sunrise Herald
"Say no more to busy days!"
"Finally I can have more extra free time on my hands"
- Bill Gates
After analyzing the results we have come up with the final design of our robot.
Kamiyan <3 best seiyuu everr
"So colourful"
Front View
Back View
Nowadays consumers mostly rely on communication. We asked this question so it can give us an insight on what the participants expect. Because of this answer, the robot can call the user if a certain task is complete or as notifications. Also, whilst manufacturing the robot can hold conversations with the user with a programmed list of replies and answers
Of the 30 participants of this survey, most wanted a robot that weighed from 5kg to 10kg. It is essential we asked this question as it will affect the manufacturing and designing of the robot. A robot of 5kg will be able to perform tasks quickly and with ease due to being light. Also, a weightless robot is much easier to store.
"It is a yes from me."
-Simon Cowell
Construction Phase
Cost and Features
Features include:
Infared sensing from display device d to avoid obstacles and accidents
End Effector used for cleaning
Solar Panels to gain energy from the sun during the day.
An Emergency Stop Button for safety precautions.

Consumers will be able to buy this product TODAY! Only for $250.99!

Our robot has been a success! Consumers opinions and needs have been analysed and examined to help aid us in creating the perfect robot. Our robot can complete housework with ease and immediately. Thank you for listening and buy your robot today!
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