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No description

Caitlin Roberts

on 14 April 2010

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Transcript of Hardball

Hardball Santa Anita Turf Club Ball After Seabiscuits loss the Howards prepared for the ball in honor of Stagehands win. The main topic of the ball however was still focused on Seabiscuit and War Admiral. War Admiral's outstanding victory at the Widener Handicap and Seabiscuits run in Santa Anita only increased the anticipation for these two horses to meet. Howard has challenged Riddle to a match up many times but he continues to decline, and instead suggest a full-field race. Riddle believes Seabiscuit is not in War Admiral's league. War Admiral was nominated "Horse of the Year" with out ever racing Biscuit. Herbert Bayard Swope-Governing body of War Admiral's home turf and Chairman of NY Racing commission. Press drew attention too video footage and after further review Wooolf was suspended for whipping Adams. However, Howard stood behind Woolf defending that "If Woold did not protect Seabiscuit"
-$100,000 purse
Howard believes Seabiscuit should be able to start out of the gate and away from crowd like War Admiral, aviod collisions. Augua Caliente Handicap With Woolf suspended Howard hired Spec Richardson
Noone wated to race SeaBiscuit so Normile had to sweaten the pot and break in wieghts.
On March 27,1938- The track was filled beyond capacity.
The win was so easy for Seabiscuit as he ran past the cameras he was pose and the jockey had to stir him back on course. March 26,1938 Howard got a call from Swope
achieved meeting with Seabiscuit and War Admiral in Suburban Handicap on Memorial day with $50,000 purse.
"Howard sensed it was time to play hardball"
He told Swope no and made a string of demands. Damands
At Belmont, $100,000 purse
These damands were carefully planned out by Howard.
He knew he was appeasing to Riddle and at the same time gambling with his own horse.
The Belmont was a 32,000 mile/5 day train ride and had only one turn which were Seabiscuit's strengths. April 12th- In favor of an unofficial match race, voted in.
CV Whitney's opinion ment everything, people followed.
Changes: The date would have to be on memorial day, and Howard demanded Red Pollard. Red Pollard returned and Howard made an apointment with his physicians to look at his ribs.
Pollard was finally cleared. Bay Meadows Handicap- Last time Woolf was to ride Seabiscuit. The victory was bittersweet.
Dixie Handicap- cancelled because Smith wanted to head directly to Belmonte. He felt uneasy about Seabiscuit. War Admiral Seabiscuit
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