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AP: Last Advice

No description

Luke Bailey

on 16 May 2018

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Transcript of AP: Last Advice

AP: Last Advice
Multiple Choice (55 Minutes)
-55 questions tied to sources.

-Process of elimination/common sense.

-Read the origin of each passage.
The Five "C"s
Change- large scale changes that happen across a major region (examples?)

Continuity- what stays the same in a region over a long period of time. (examples?)

Comparison- we look at two regions at the same time and compare. (examples?)

Connections- how have different regions interacted (examples?)
Two more Cs!
Contextualization- explain an event by referring to other factors happening in the region at the same time (examples?)

Causation- explain both short term and long term causes and effects of a historical event (examples?)
Circa = (often preceding a date) approximately.

Short Answer (50 Minutes)
-AP Style, not Mr Bailey Style.

-Should be about a page.

-"Identify and Explain" are common here.

-Don't leave out info.

-Intro: Context + Thesis

-Body Paragraphs: Use six sources to back your thesis. Explain bias (racist, sexist, classist) (and why it matters!) for three.

-Give one piece of outside evidence.

-Restate thesis in a different way in conclusion (in case the first didn't count for a stupid reason)

-Should be at least 5 paragraphs.
Long Essay
-Continuity/Change, Causation, or Comparison

-Will give a time period/region, then have you write about one of the five themes

-Have a thesis, back that thesis. It's an argument. You're proving a point, not just stating info.

-Five paragraphs.
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