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How to protect the environment

No description

Simirun Samra

on 17 May 2010

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Transcript of How to protect the environment

How To Protect The Environment. Why bother? What can we do to help? 1 2
3 4 5 6 7 8 The question should be, 'Why not bother?' The environment is the place we live in, so we need to treat it with some respect. We might not be around to witness the dangers we've caused, but others will. Is it fair that they have to live through what we've all caused? RECYLE. This is so simple yet not enough of us do it. Energy saving is important if we want to reduce the future effects of global warming. Go on holiday locally rather than jumping on the plane and flying out to another country. This will reduce the amount of carbon emissions discharged into the air.
A great example of this happening is due to the recent volcanic ash incident. Because the planes were not allowed to take off, we managed to avoid 200,000 tons of carbon emissions each day. Walk where you can. It's alot more healthier than driving and saves gas being released into the air around us. If walking seems entirely impossible for you as you live too far away, go on a public bus or lift share instead of going in the car by yourself. Travelling in one vehicle is a lot better than going in a car by yourself as there is only gas being released from one vehicle rather than being released from several. DON'T LITTER. Simple as, use the bins. Litter makes the environment an untidy place and takes ages and ages and ages to disappear. RECYCLE it instead. COMPOST. Return your organic waste back where it belongs: the soil. Rather than sending banana skins and grass clippings to the land-fill sights, start composting. Take short showers. You'll be saving water, reducing the energy needed to heat up the water AND reducing your energy consumption at the same time. Hang out your washing to dry instead of using a tumble dryer.
This saves electricity and makes your clothes last longer. REUSE. Don't throw items such as carrier bags or
jam jars away, so they can go straight to the land-fill
sights. REUSE the carrier bags when you go shopping
and use the pots and jars as small containers to store little
bits and bobs.
Now you know what to do.
GO DO IT :) or do your best atleast.
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