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QBOT Presentation

We believe Consumers should be rewarded for loyalty to a merchant.

Ryan Parker

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of QBOT Presentation

Transforming the Future of Healthcare Helping Educate Our Youth College Campuses Travel Industry Fastest Growing Smartphone Segment...Babyboomers $500mo-$6,000/$72,000year $200-$2,000mo/$24,000year
*NO Database
*NO Analytics
*NO Reach $200-$5,000mo/$60k How Do You Know Who Heard? *NO Track-ability *NO Analytics Merchants "DESERVE" to have a DATABASE
of their customers and
a system that Rewards their Loyal customers for paying FULL PRICE Merchants are
Tired of
Giving Away Product We believe Customers don't mind paying full price for good service, and products when their rewarded it's a great way to say "Thank You" Merchants Deserve
Easy & Affordable
Mobile Presence Merchants are Tired
to Create New Business Do you know who watched? Nearly HALF (47%) of Americans prefer a consolidated key chain card or key fob; 67% of Americans would like to see a mobile app that consolidates all of their retail loyalty rewards programs WE BELIEVE Do you know the persons name that ? Do you know if the person is a man or woman 6 out of 10 Merchants
say "We will NEVER do another deal
Graphic Work Logo to fit the app

Programming all data; map,email,website,phone,category,menu etc

Reward Loyalty Creation assistance and can be done a year in advance for holidays

Reward Management anytime you want changes just log in you have full control, and can make them. Need help contact headquarters we are happy to help you grow your business

Push Messages you have no limit send as often to as many of your VIPs to tell them you love them

Email to your hearts desire with our platform you can drop pictures and text using one of several templates for newsletters

Training is hands on from local QBOT reps to insure customer satisfaction when using the app, and we also use secret shoppers for improving our ability to make you a happy customer

Promotional material to hand out "Download our rewards app it's free, signs, banners, cards, stickers, custom orders by request

We will market your business as an official merchant partner through ALL of our social media channels by featuring you on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogger, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yelp, Google+, Urbanspoon, Forkly, Via.me, Socialcam, Soundcloud, Ustream, Instagram, Foursquare, Tumblr, Path, Keek, Flickr, Rdio, just to name a few... Value Proposition I have tried everything, you name, I have spent the money, more like wasted it, some things worked but most of it was far more expensive when it was all over with I had very little to show for it. QBOT has helped me tremendously, hassle free, introducing this to my customers who are mostly older was much easier than expected and I would recommend anyone use QBOT. -T Neil Restaurant owner "Delicious Temptations" 27 years Little Rock, AR. What are business owners saying: $500mo-$3,000/$36,000year *NO Database *NO Analytics *NO Reach *NO Database *NO Analytics *NO Reach Do you know the area your listeners live ..zipcode Do you get a way to track
when they buy.... Can you reach them instantly to tell them you love and miss em NO YOU CAN'T DO ANY OF THIS Merchants "DESERVE" to have a DATABASE
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